My experiences from the first week of the course are shattered, but can be summerized as overwhelming.

I´m impressed by the good organization of the course material and the Tools and thoughts behind  the logistic plan of the course. I find for instance the activity tracking a simple but helpful assistance for me working on a distance with a course material when I might find it hard to know if I am following the correct rythm and working strategy, since the form is so new for me.

I also want to give my praise to the course leaders for a very friendly and helpful approach (makes a big difference for whom feels insecure and silly). I guess that´s a very consciuos strategy, and if not – please make it one! That also goes for my fellow participants, who all greet each other with a good humor and a portion of encouragement. Thank you all for that, (especially) although it isn´t your work to do it! I guess you were all just well educated as children 🙂

It has been quite a chock, though, trying to manage the stress of a control-freak-hearted person as myself, when flooded by the enormous amount of e-mails from the over 100 participants. All parallel with the attempt to get a grip of the design of the course and the learning objectives. It has been two weeks of a constant feeling of: My god, I have to catch up, I´m missing billion of important things!!!

Maybe for next course, it could be nice to find out any possibility where the participants can sort among the messages from the different group communities? I meen, of course everyone wants to follow the movement and read all the greetings of the other participants, but above all I think we´re afraid to loose some important course information. And for the new course participants it might get a little confusing with so many messages at the same time. If there where like taged in some way, one could easily differ one cathegory from the other, and manage to take a Deep breath once in a while during the first one-two weeks.


It is a good reflection to make in this course too, the dilemma of the digital world and the digital tools for our working life Environment. It is necessary to discuss and to set up some borders I think.

I am very happy to participate in this course and meet all the others who do the same! Here are som pictures again, from Hässelby. Enjoy, and rush off!