I think the concept of community of practice is a useful starting point whenever working with groups of people and studying or relating in other ways to the interaction between people and between people and their surrounding social world.
When it comes to education and learning I specifically appreciate the humility inherent with the viewing of each individual’s contribution to the knowledge development in an interactive learning situation as unique. I think it is a beautiful way of putting it, as Wenger (2010) do, that our identity – with who we are, what we know, our history and all the qualities that composite our unique person – ”is our gift to the world”. This is an understanding fundamental for every dialogue and social interaction, for every tentative to fruitful development of conflict situations. It is also an approach that opens for respect and effective, complex learning for all involved as it comes to encounters with and supervision of students in clinical education.
Wenger, E. (2010). Communities of practice and social learning systems: the career of a concept. In Social learning systems and communities of practice (pp. 179-198). Springer London.