Want to hang out with me at Aprikosgatan for a minute?

Welcome to the main street of my home care district, Aprikosgatan. I made such a nice video for you, guiding you through the area, only to find out I could not upload videos at my free-from-fee blog. Hrmpf!


Anyway, here it is, in pictures. I hope you can get a glance of this nice place, the perfect home care district, if you ask me, with a good socio-economic mix. I have patients living in training apartments (former homeless people live here for instance) and patients living in 55+apartments (which are recently produced, modern apartments adjusted for a comfort standard of elderly), and everything in between. It’s perfectly rough, grey, suburb and boring on the outside (although I think I managed to get some pretty pictures this sunny day), and full of exiting, marvelous life stories on the inside.

My only disappointment is that most families with foreign origin are very good on and used to take care of their elderly within the family, so I don’t get to know many other ways of living with home care than the traditionally Swedish.


I love Hässelby!

I would like to try sharing something about my work. Let me present the charming place of Hässelby, a suburb on the west side of Stockholm.


This is the Hässelby gård square. Since I can’t take photos of the nice movement of lots of people passing by all day, I took a photo of the ”iron-people”, who stand there every day and night, through rain and wind and hot sunshine. Every now and then, the knitting artists make clothes for them, so they look really nice!

This is Hässelby vårdcentral, and some pictures from the Academic primary health center. Again, since I couldn’t include any pictures of our patients and the people that make the it all happen at Hässelby vårdcentral, we’ll have to get along with some really old (but young back in the days) Hässelby-folks from the black-and-white pig picture at the entrance….